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50 Years of Theatre

Malone University's Theatre is turning 50 and looking good!

This year we are offering a full season of entertainment and if you ever attended Malone University (or College for you veterans), we would love to see you in the seats or on the stage.

From the first show to grace the Malone stage 50 years ago to the second annual dance concert (we no longer have to call it creative movement!)––we offer a full range of opportunities to dust off your vocal chords, brush up on your acting chops, or jam an entire rehearsal process into one day.

The theatre remembers and honors those of you who stepped into the limelight, worked tirelessly behind the scenes, or just supported the program with your laughter, tears, and applause. And please don’t think we are forgetting our loyal patrons. We are delighted to share these special occasions with those people that are the reason that Malone Theatre exists. Please take the time to help us celebrate this landmark year and help us as we look forward to the next 50 years!

For tickets, please call the box office at 330-471-8202.

If you wish to be involved or participate in any of these productions, please email malonetheatrealumni@gmail.com