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Contact Us

First of all, you can always just call us directly. Our main phone number is 1-800-521-1146.

Here on the web, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or are encountering a technical problem with the web site, we want to help. Please review the following frequently used links and hopefully they’ll take you where you want to go.

Undergraduate Admissions

Looking for general information, admissions forms or course catalogs on our undergraduate programs?

Graduate Programs, Continuing Studies & Degree Completion

Looking for general information, admissions forms or course catalogs on graduate programs, degree completion or professional development?

Academic Departments, University Offices and Student Services

You can find web sites, phone and fax numbers for Schools, Academic Departments, Offices and Student Services in our Offices and Services directory.

Faculty Contact Information

Click here for the faculty directory.

If you’re a student logged into your MaloneXpress account, you can also look up contact information for faculty (and fellow students!) via The Phiz.


Contact information on coaches and athletics staff can be found on the Athletics website: www.malonepioneers.com

Online Learning/ Distance Learning

Want to learn more about online/distance learning at Malone? Visit the Distance Learning web page or qvfgnapryrneavat+znybar+rqh.

Course Listings, Transcripts and Course Catalogs

Looking for information related to class schedules, transcripts, and course catalogs?

Visit the Registrar page or email the Registrar's Office: bssvprbsgurertvfgene+znybar+rqh .

Technical Support 

For specific questions, technical problems, or other inquiries, regarding www.malone.edu please contact the webmaster.

For issues with MaloneXpress, your Malone Username & Password, email services or technical support for University computer hardware or software, contact the Information Technology helpdesk at 330-471-8428 or submit a helpdesk request here.

For technical support for Online Learning contact the Online Learning Helpdesk (available 24/7) at 866.221.8245 or urycqrfx+znybar-bayvar+bet