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Recycling Initiative

Recycling containers are located in each office.

Acceptable Paper & Cardboard Items are as follows:

beverage cartons
candy boxes 
cardboard boxes (no wax paper) 
computer paper 
cookie boxes 
corrugated cardboard
cracker boxes
detergent cartons
food cartons (not soiled)
gift wrap (no foil, bows, or ribbons)
greeting cards
junk mail
newspaper (including ads)
office paper
paper plates (not soiled)
paper shopping bags (uncoated paper)
shredded paper (from office shredders)
telephone books
tissue boxes

Please note: Paper should be dry and free from contaminants (i.e., food products, glue, plastic/foil coatings, etc.)

Other recyclable items are to be placed in the lidded containers located in all campus buildings that are specifically labeled for plastic, aluminum, and glass.

The list of acceptable items are:

Plastic: Look for the recycling symbol on your item. You may recycle plastics #1-7.

Aluminum: Any beverage can - including soda, juice, and energy drinks

Steel: Any food can, including soup, tuna, vegetable, or cans with metal lids

Glass: Any glass food containers made of clear, green, and brown glass - including water and juice bottles

Unacceptable plastic items:

6-pack rings
bubble wrap
CD's/CD covers
desk accessories
fast food plastic cup lids
packaging peanuts
plastic bags/grocery bags
plastic binders
plastic folders
plastic lids/caps
plastic utensils
shrink wrap
video cases/video cassettes

*Recycling information is courtesy of Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling.