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Assessment Data and Indicators

Common Data Set (CDS)

CDS 2013-2014

CDS 2012-2013

CDS 2011-2012


National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Each year the NSSE asks students at hundreds of colleges and universities to reflect on the time that they devote to various learning activities. The topics explored are linked by previous research on student success in college. Below you can download more information on the 2007 Survey as it relates to Malone University (formerly Malone College).

National Survey of Student Engagement Reports

NSSE 2011 Benchmark Comparison Reports

NSSE 2011 Dashboard of Indicators

NSSE 2011 Frequency Report for Malone University

NSSE 2011 Multi-Year Benchmark Report

NSSE 2011 Respondent Characteristics for Malone University

NSSE 2011 Student Experience in Brief

NSSE 2007 Pocket Guide Report for Malone College

NSSE 2007 Respondent Characteristics for Malone College

NSSE 2007 Mean Comparison

NSSE 2007 Mean and Frequency Reports for Malone College

NSSE 2007 Frequency Distribution

NSSE 2007 Engagement Item Frequency Distribution

NSSE 2001 and 2004 CCCU Consortium Questions, Malone College and CCCU

NSSE 2001 and 2004 Mean Comparisons Report, Malone College, CCCU, Master's Colleges, NSSE 2004 

ACT Alumni Outcomes Survey

Results from the survey of past students provide important feedback for faculty and administration for curriculum development, assessment of academic programs, the evaluation of quality and use of support services, and self-study and other accreditation reviews. Malone University (MU) participated in the 2010 ACT Alumni Outcomes Survey in order to gain from alumni evaluations of crucial issues on inventories contained in the survey questionnaires. Below is the ACT Narrative & Survey Graphics Report.

Alumni Outcomes Survey

2010 ACT Narrative & Survey Report (PDF)