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Links to External Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment:

Comprehensive Manual for the Assessment of Academic Programs and Administrative and Academic Support Services:

Information on Rubrics:

Common terms used in the discipline of assessment:

HLC Website and Other Useful Links

Higher Learning Commission:

What is Assessment?

  • http://www.umt.edu/provost/assessment/what_is.htm

Definition of Assessment Terms:

  • http://web.odu.edu/webroot/orgs/AO/assessment.nsf/pages/Terms_page

An Assessment Glossary:

  • http://cep.cl.k12.md.us:2000/resources/glossary.html 

Suggestions for Getting Started:

Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning:

  • http://www.aahe.ort/assessment/principal.htm


Writing Educational Outcomes

Marshal University:

University of Washington:

  • http://depts.washington.edu/grading/slo/SLO-Home.htm

North Carolina State University:

  • http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/abet/criterion-3/template-3.html

Outcomes Assessment Resources on the Web:

Assessment Resources:

  • http://www.eiu.edu/~assess/assessment_resources.htm