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Ongoing Projects

Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI)

Inspired by a discernible strategic conclusion that student satisfaction initiatives must be research-informed and data-driven, it has been the conscious effort of Malone University to analyze and transmute results of institutional surveys into decision-points for improvements in the quality of student life and learning. Notable among such institutional surveys is the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (hereafter referred to as SSI).

In brief, SSI measures the gap between importance and satisfaction on specific inventory items pertaining to student life and the overall student experience on campus. Beyond standardized inventory items, institutions are invited to add college/university-specific items in order to ascertain student perceptions. Among other things, the instrumental value of SSI in terms of strategic initiatives would be maximized if common intersection points—either strengths or challenges—could be identified between standardized and campus-specific items.

Also, rather than one-time, episodic analysis of data pertaining to a single survey period, a trend analysis of several data sets over a number of years could yield analytic results of durable characteristics supportive of long-term strategic initiatives on student satisfaction and overall development.

Informed by caveats and other qualifications that are cursorily delineated above, the attachment demonstrates how Malone University maximizes the benefits of SSI with the adoption of “beyond-the-box” analytic approaches.