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Assessment Implementation Committee (AIC)


The mission of the Assessment Implementation Committee (AIC) is to review and evaluate institutional performance indicators, and also support and coordinate the assessment activities of programs and administrative units of the University to ensure that institutional effectiveness and assessment processes at Malone are transformative, active, and vital. To meet this mission, the AIC has adopted the following goals:

  • Coordinate with the Strategic Planning Council and other actionable units in the evaluation and review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Advise and consult with chairs, directors, and heads of administrative units on the development and improvement of institutional effectiveness and assessment activities.
  • Expand awareness and the value of data-driven decision-making processes at all levels of the institution through workshops and communication on the use of evaluation and assessment results.
  • Advocate for the integration of assessment and evaluation processes into strategic planning and related decision-making processes.

Tasks/Functions of the AIC

  • Develop, organize, and deliver training on methods and approaches for colleagues involved with the assessment and evaluation of key institutional metrics.
  • Identify and disseminate best practices on institutional effectiveness and assessment.
  • Evaluate institutional effectiveness and assessment-related activities in the context of accepted practices.
  • Review and approve materials, reports, and key performance metrics to the institutional effectiveness & assessment website.
  • Facilitate program and administrative-level assessment activities and coordinate with the General Education Committee on the assessment and review of the general education program.
  • Facilitate a culture of continuous improvements through the promotion of data-driven decision-making processes at all institutional levels.
  • .Prepare an annual report on the state of institutional effectiveness and assessment at Malone and communicate the results to all major stakeholders of the University community.

Members of the Assessment Implementation Committee:

Charles Lartey, Ph.D. – director of institutional effectiveness & assessment, chair

Karen Warner, M.A.Ed. – assistant to the provost, institutional research representative

John Estes, Ph.D. – assistant professor of english, secretary

Bryan Hollon, Ph.D. – associate professor of theology

Stephanie Reagan, M.S.N. – associate professor of nursing

Laura Foote, Ed.D. – instructor of management studies

Adam Klemann, M.S. – support & infrastructure manager

Sarah Hamsher, Ph.D. – assistant professor of education

Patti Elkins, B.A. – assistant registrar, traditional programs

Patty Little, B.A. – director of the center for student success