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Get Involved: Co-Curricular Programs 

The Communication Arts Department
offers the following co-curricular programs:

Act in a play. Sing in a musical. Write a story. Make a film for the Open Frame contest. Take videos of an on-campus event.

Learn while doing.

Malone University's Department of Communication Arts offers opportunities for you to explore your career interests and give you hands-on experience.

You'll apply theory - what you're learning in the classroom - with practice, as we believe that the real contexts of our co-curricular activities are central to your education. Professors are deeply involved in training, developing, directing, and facilitating these programs because we believe that you don't just learn in your head. You learn with your body, with your hands, and with other people as you experience things together.

Though these activities correspond with what you're learning in your Communication Arts classes - you don't have to be a Communication Arts major to participate in any of these activities! In fact, students who are zoo biology majors perform in our theatre productions to get experience to work at zoos.