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Alpha Psi Omega

To be an artist in any line requires infinite capacity for hard work and attention to detail.

Alpha Psi Omega (APO) wants to help Malone's students who are interested in theatre reach the highest accomplishments, envisioning all that helps them to "seek a life useful" (the APO motto), striving to be seek the highest goal of any artists - to serve.

2011-12 Alpha Psi Omega members

APO sponsors a number of student directed productions and projects each semester. Events include: dinner theatre, one-act play festivals, playwright festivals, and musical revues. Many of these productions are written by students, directed by students, and acted by students. Students also have the opportunity to do a senior showcase where they may choose to either write, direct, design, or act in a production of their choice. One senior recently did a whole show featuring stage combat scenes from movies and film.

APO mission statement: We, the members of Alpha Psi Omega, strive to uphold the motto and principles of the Malone University Theatre while promoting its advancement on the Malone University campus as well as in the surrounding community.