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Aviso AVW

aviso Aviso AVW has a fresh look for the 2011-12 school year!

Story first. In journalism at Malone, we start by envisioning a great story.

Then we select the best communication technologies available to tell that story: text, photos, video, audio, or any combination. The result is a package that engages and informs our audience. The skills gained in journalism prepare students for work in print and online media, video, public relations, church ministries, education, law and business.

It's not just about newspaper any more.

Alyssa Pearson


"Film is what I really love to do."

- Alyssa Pearson
Communication Arts - Film Concentration (BA), 2010

Aviso AVW

Integral to journalism training is experience on Malone's multimedia student news service, Aviso AVW .

Develop and sharpen writing, video, editing, and thinking skills as you navigate today's constantly changing media. Any student is welcome to participate on the staff - our success depends on the work of people with a wide range of skills, not just journalism majors. We need writers who can gather and organize information, people who can take pictures and capture video and sound that tell stories, illustrators who can create eye-catching info graphics, publicists to promote the publication of our audience, web gurus to enhance our readers' online experience.


Aviso AVW coverage includes news, features, sports, and opinion. Along the way, staff members gain valuable professional experience to prepare them for internships and careers - and they can receive academic credit as well.


Contact: David Dixon, Ph.D.