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First Company

First Company is a designated section of Applied Drama in which older students mentor first-year, first-semester students who are interested in participating in theatre.

First Company

Specifically, First Company's intended goals and purposes are:
  1. To introduce students to the distinctive aspects of the Malone University Theatre.
  2. To engage students in reading and thinking about the relevance of the Christian faith to the arts (specifically theatre).
  3. To help students establish meaningful relationships with other first year students with peer mentors, and theatre faculty and staff.
  4. To provide students opportunities to demonstrate understanding of theatrical vocabulary, concepts, and processes by creating collaborative theatrical work.
  5. To engage students in thinking thoughtfully and critically about the spiritual nature, meaning, and cultural value of theatre.
  6. To assist students in assessing theatrical productions and in appreciating the differences between professional and amateur theatrical productions.
  7. To provide students opportunities to work backstage and to use tools and other technical elements safely.