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medals Join Forensics!

If you enjoy acting, speaking, competing, and traveling, Malone University Forensics could be for you!

Forensics is the art of competitive public performance. Our team travels to intercollegiate tournaments throughout the academic year. You can choose from 12 different competition events, including interpretation (acting), public speaking, and debate.

Ruth Lang


"The Comm Arts program made me well-rounded and ready to jump into the marketplace..."

- Ruth Lang '08
Communication Arts (BA), 2008

Tell a story...ENTERTAIN!
Compile and interpret the characters from literary works, including prose, poetry, duo, drama, and program.

Speak your mind...EDUCATE!
Research and write original speeches that are informative, persuasive, humorous, or analyze communication.

Debate the truth...ELUCIDATE!
Critically examine current events and develop logical arguments for extemporaneous, impromptu, and parliamentary debate.

Corresponding courses are not limited to, but include the following:

CMST 230 - Argumentation
COMM 220 - Oral Interpretation
SPCH 220 - Public Speaking
SPCH 340 - Forensics
SPCH 342 - Debate
THEA 320 - Acting I: Fundamentals
COMM 410 - Persuasion