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Open Frame 2013

Open FrameThis year the Open Frame film festival is on April 20 at the Canton Palace Theatre.

Our 8 p.m. show will include two hours of films that qualified for our juried selection. Audiences will participate in awarding prizes by voting on their favorites. The tickets to the evening showing are $1.

Competitions juried by outside professionals each year give students opportunities to win awards and receive substantial feedback on their work across the course of their college career. Students submit their films to festivals around the country.

Throughout the past 12 years, our students have made more than 100 films - working hard as producers, writers, directors, technicians, actors, and artists. We're not making "Christian films;" we're starting from a faith-based perspective and making films that tell all kinds of truth about human experience. Our students use high-end HD video cameras and editing equipment in a state-of-the-industry, newly-renovated student media center.

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Watch a highlight reel from a past festival:

Watch the Open Frame Film Fest 2012 Promo: