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Open Frame Film Fest

open frame
A lot of work, a lot of fun!

Film at Malone is storytelling with images - images that baptize your vision and make your eyes see the world in a new way.

Images crafted by students working together; visions that engage, critique, and affirm culture in every genre you can imagine. Over the past 10 years, our students have made more than 100 films - working hard as producers, writers, directors, technicians, actors, and artists. We're not making "Christian films;" we're starting from a faith-based perspective and making films that tell all kinds of truth about human experience.

Contact Info:  Sangsun Choi; 330-471-8157
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Visit the website at: http://theopenframe.weebly.com

The Open Frame is a festival that screens one night of films to an audience of hundreds. The Open Frame also is a film development program that helps students move through the production process just the way they would if working professionally.