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Open Frame

open frame
A lot of work, a lot of fun!

Film at Malone is storytelling with images - images that baptize your vision and make your eyes see the world in a new way.

Images crafted by students working together; visions that engage, critique, and affirm culture in every genre you can imagine. Over the past 10 years, our students have made more than 100 films - working hard as producers, writers, directors, technicians, actors, and artists. We're not making "Christian films;" we're starting from a faith-based perspective and making films that tell all kinds of truth about human experience. Our students use high-end HD video cameras and editing equipment in a state of the industry, newly renovated student media center.

Ruth Lang


"The Comm Arts program made me well rounded and ready to jump into the marketplace..."

- Ruth Lang
Communication Arts, 2008

Contact Info:  Steve Pustay; 330-471-8157
fchfgnl+znybar+rqh or gur.bcra.senzr+tznvy+pbz openframefilmfest.com

Additional Info:  The Open Frame is a festival that screens one night of films to an audience of hundreds. The Open Frame also is a film development program that helps students move through the production process just the way they would if working professionally.  

Each year, many of our students study at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, making films and interning at Industry Studios and Companies in Hollywood. All year we encourage cross-campus collaboration, drawing in students who major in music, business, English, psychology, philosophy, and more. 

Competitions juried by outside professionals each year give students opportunities to win awards and receive substantial feedback on their work across the course of their college career. Students submit their films to festivals around the country.  Last year one of our student films won honorable mention at the prestigious Broadcast Educators Association Festival of Media Arts.

Find out more at openframefilmfest.com.

You DO NOT have to be a Communication Arts major/film concentration to participate in Open Frame activities, however, here are corresponding courses: