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Theatre at Malone University

theatre Malone's Theatre mentoring program, First Company

At a larger university, students may go their entire academic careers without having a chance to actually participate in the production of a play. Not at Malone!

Two major productions a year mean that everyone can contribute to the excitement of the stage.

Other opportunities include: 24 Hour Theatre, Ten Minute Play Festival, Dinner Theatre, Improv Comedy, and multiple student productions and projects.

Ruth Lang


"The Comm Arts program made me well-rounded and ready to jump into the marketplace..."

- Ruth Lang '08
Communication Arts (BA)

All students, regardless of their major, are encouraged to participate in Malone Theatre. Consider joining our group called First Company, where you have an older student mentor who shows you the ropes. You also have the opportunity to become part of the national theatre honorary for colleges and universities called Alpha Psi Omega.
Malone University Theatre is a warm, inviting community and we want to be your home away from home!

Though - again - you do not have to be a theatre major to participate in productions, here are a list of corresponding courses:

One course from among: