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Global & International Studies


This major prepares you to respond to our increasingly connected globe in a way that is deeply Christian and fundamentally oriented to serving the church, community, and world.

This interdisciplinary, secondary major must be combined with your primary major, which allows you to train in a discipline while adding a global focus. It is an ideal secondary major if you are interested in business, government, healthcare, international development, ministry, missions, or social work.

Lisa Heath


"I definitely have developed my talents here..."

- Lisa Heath
Liberal Arts, BA, 2012

Students who complete the program will develop their ability to understand other cultures, gain a greater understanding of interdisciplinary global issues, understand the need for social justice and reconciliation between peoples globally, and initiate practices that challenge oppression. Completion of the program will challenge students to serve as agents of justice, reconciliation, peace, and truth who extend Christ’s kingdom in their churches, communities, and the world. Two tracks are available within this major.

The total number of credit hours for this program is 28-37, three of which are already within the student's primary major and counted toward both programs. Furthermore, study abroad courses count toward the student's General Education requirements for Global Connections, Cross-Cultural Encounter, and (in some cases) Faith in the World Seminar.


Track A (28-31 hours)

Gateway Course (prerequisite for study abroad)

Study Abroad Semester with Foreign Language Study

  • Typically 12 hours of non-language coursework
  • 3-6 hours of in-country language study in an approved program
  • Additional Information: As of March 2013, Malone-approved programs that require language study are as follows:
  1. 1. CCCU China Studies Program
  2. 2. CCCU Latin America Studies Program
  3. 3. CCCU Middle East Studies Program
  4. 4. Geneva College Semester in Rome
  5. 5. Romanian Studies Program
  6. 6. Trinity Christian College Semester in Spain
  7. 7. BCA in Athens (Greece)
  8. 8. BCA in Barcelona (Spain)
  9. 9. BCA in Brussels (Belgium)
    10. BCA in Chennai (India)
    11. BCA in Dalian (China)
    12. BCA in Marburg (Germany)
  10. 13. BCA in Quito (Ecuador)
  11. 14. BCA in Ramallah (Palestine)
    15. BCA in Rome (Italy)
    16. BCA in Sapporo (Japan)
    17. BCA in Shanghai (China)
  12. 18. BCA in Tetouan (Morocco)
    19. BCA in Vallidolid (Spain)
    20. BCA in Vienna (Austria)
    21. BCA in Xalapa (Mexico)
    22. Gordon College in Orvieto (Italy).

    Students in other study abroad programs can still complete Track A if they complete at least three hours of coursework in a foreign language while studying abroad.

Theologically Oriented Course

Choose one of the following:

Capstone Course:


Track B (35-37 hours)

Gateway Course (prerequisite for study abroad)

Global Studies Course

Global Studies Course

  • Choose from approved list in department of student’s primary major (3 hours). If the primary major is not included in the list, please contact the Coordinator of the Global and International Studies Program, Dr. Scott Waalkes.

Foreign Language Requirement

  • Two semesters (6-8 hours) of on-campus language study (at other institutions for non-Spanish courses), regardless of proficiency level

Study Abroad Semester

  • Typically 16 hours of non-language coursework

Additional Information:
All other Malone-approved study abroad programs not under Track A meet the study abroad requirement for Track B of the major.

Theologically Oriented Course

Choose one of the following:

Capstone Course: