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Individualized, BA


Mixed Media

- Emily Reich

Are you interested in so many different areas that you're just not sure what to study? 

You have the option of working in collaboration with a faculty adviser from your primary interest of study, getting it approved by the Curriculum Committee, and continuing from there. 

Lisa Heath


"I have definitely developed my talents here..."

- Lisa Heath
Liberal Arts (BA), 2012

Most students will pursue a typical academic major that is already offered in Malone's curriculum. However, if you have special interest in pursuing in-depth study in a combination of disciplines drawing from different parts of the curriculum, you do have the opportunity to design your own major.

You'll work in collaboration with a faculty adviser from one of the your primary areas of study to submit a proposal for this individualized major to the Curriculum Committee for approval. Guidelines and forms for developing the proposal are available in the Center for Student Success and the Office of the Registrar. The proposal should be submitted to the Curriculum Committee no later than the beginning of your junior year.