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Your Experience

The College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences is, in many ways, the academic center of the University and of every student's experience at Malone, including yours!

The College's liberal arts orientation will introduce you to the abiding questions of human life, the answers to which are never simple. Engaging these questions shapes the mind and promotes the development of traits like empathy, adaptability, graciousness, and critical judgment.

Most importantly, however, engaging these questions will lead you to think carefully about what it means to lead a "good life." A good life, of course, includes a good job, one that gets you out of your parent's house and enables you to support a family. And there is no doubt that a major in a CTAS discipline can get you that. But a good job should do more than just give you the freedom to "buy stuff." And a good life requires much, much more than just a good job.

What that "much more" is and how you pursue it, you can expect to investigate at length in your classes, while at the same time acquiring practical skills that will make you desirable to employers. In fact, the very acts of thinking, reading, writing, and speaking about the "much more" will help you develop those skills. 

In addition to incredible classroom experiences, you'll also be able to develop important skills through experiences outside of the classroom.

Listed below are links to some of these.  Click each link to learn more!

Open to all CTAS (and other traditional undergraduate) majors:


Specific Major Co-Curricular Programs:

Communication Arts - Theatre Concentration

English and Visual Arts Majors

  • R.S.V.P. is an activity in which English majors and Visual Art majors create and exchange works of art and put it on display. Read about an example here.

Computer Science, Math, and Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, etc.) Majors

  • Sigma Zeta, a national undergraduate honor society which encourages and fosters the attainment of knowledge in the natural and computer sciences and mathematics and recognizes the attainment of high scholarship among society members.

History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Department Majors

  • Dead Presidents Society - A student organization available to all integrated social studies, political science, and history majors. Activities are open to the whole campus community and include annual events such as Cheesecake and Croquet or Cemeteries and Cider, as well as other events that include election parties, World News Wednesdays, State of the Union Address gatherings, and more.

  • Philosophy Club (The Phish) - Student activities include discussion groups, presentations by faculty, and the viewing, review, and discussion of movies.

  • Alpha Alpha Omicron Chapter, Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society - A national political science honor society. Members must be juniors or seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA, ranking in the top third of their graduating class, and have completed at least three political science courses with a 3.0 or higher GPA, one of which is at the 300 level or above.

Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Allied Health/Pre-Professional, Exercise Science, Majors

  • Future Scientists of Malone - A student organization whose members go on field trips, discusses science topics, etc.

  • Journal Club - The Natural Sciences Journal Club examines issues via published journals on topics such as the Human Microbiome Project.

  • Pre-Professional Club - This club assists students who are planning to pursue further education at professional schools (veterinary, medical, dental, occupational therapy, pharmacy, etc.) by hosting meetings that help students navigate through complicated application processes, presents updates in medical literature, and hosts guest speakers from various professional schools.

  • Zoo Crew - These students care for the animals in Malone's extensive collection. They also provide educational outreach to schools and the community via "Animal Encounters."

Psychology Majors

  • PSYC Club - the threefold mission of PSYC club is to meet the social, educational, ans spiritual needs of students interested in psychology.

Social Work Majors

  • Pi Eta Chapter, Phi Alpha Honor Society - Phi Alpha Honor Society exists to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

  • Social Work Club - The Social Work Club is a faith-based organization committed to empowering students to give back to the community by putting academic knowledge into practice.

Theology Department Majors

  • DOTS (Department of Theology Students) is Malone's student theology club. The club is open to all majors in the department and hosts both social events and seminars/discussions on theological topics of interest.

Visual Art Majors