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General Education


Mixed Media

- Emily Reich

Malone University is committed to equipping graduates to put “Christ’s Kingdom First” in all of life. In part, this means cultivating in students the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that will equip them to serve effectively in the workplace.

A General Education program is a set of academic requirements common to all students, ranging across a spectrum of academic disciplines and subjects. At Malone University, the mission of general education is to develop wise and thoughtful students who are broadly educated in the liberal arts as well as in Christian scriptures and traditions to serve as faithful agents of transformation in the communities in which they live and work.

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Requirements (50-56 hours)

One course is required in each of the 17 components with the exception of Bible which requires 2 courses. Course descriptions for all general education courses are located in the appropriate academic sections of this catalog.

Foundations of Faith and Learning (13 hours)

First-Year Seminar




Oral Communication

Quantitative Reasoning

*Prerequisite of MATH 130 or proficiency. See note #1 below.

  • Engaging God’s World (28-33 hours)
  • Engaging Human Experience (11-12 hours)

Understanding Persons


Fine Arts

Health and Wellness

World History

American Cultures and Institutions**


Global Connections**

**Students must take at least one approved social science course [noted in brackets] from either the American Cultures and Institutions or Global Connections menus.

Cross-Cultural Encounter

Lab Science

Additional, more advanced options: