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Faculty in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences

Faculty News:  

2013 Scott Waalkes, Ph.D. professor of Political Science, "Bashar sees he can't just give up power peacefully," Waalkes explained. "He's aware that if he retreats from power, his family and community will probably will be devastated. There's no way to give up power peacefully and expect his community to be safe."

Read more: http://www.cantonrep.com/news/x1803289229/Winds-of-war-in-Syria-stretch-to-Stark-County#ixzz2h49K3O94

2012 Scott Waalkes, Ph.D. professor of Political Science co-published a journal article with Matt Phelps, Ph.D. professor of Psychology, entitled, "Educating Desire and Imagination in a "Faith in the World" Seminar." The article is published in the Journal of Education and Christian Belief, volume 16, pp 195-214.

October 26, 2012. Scott Waalkes, Ph.D., professor of Political Science, presented a paper entitled "Christians, the 'Car System,' and Human Flourishing" at Baylor University's Conference on Technology and Human Flourishing.

October 2012 Jay Case, Ph.D., professor of History, presented a paper entitled, "Working without a Nation-State: Early Pentecostalism, Modernity, and the Historical Profession."

Scott Waalkes Video Interview

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photo of Shawn Floyd

Shawn  Floyd

Professor of Philosophy

photo of David Beer

David  Beer

Assistant Professor of Political Science

photo of Jay Case

Jay R. Case

Professor of History

photo of Malcolm Gold

Malcolm  Gold

Chair, Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences; Professor of Sociology

photo of Gregory Miller

Gregory  Miller

Professor of History

photo of Allen Plug

Allen  Plug

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

photo of Jacalynn Stuckey Welling

Jacalynn  Stuckey Welling

Professor of History

photo of Scott Waalkes

Scott  Waalkes

Professor of International Politics