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New: The Ohio Legislative Service Commission is offering a number of 13-month paid fellowships for new or recent graduates. Deadlines are listed on the fellowship website linked above.


Internship Database (a sampling of the many internships available for department majors)

Internships can be a great way to prepare for a life-long career. An internship opens up the opportunity for networking with possible future employers, experiencing the benefits of newly learned skills in the workplace, and making new friends within your chosen career.

Internships can also provide you with the confidence that what you are learning at Malone is the correct path for you. Once in an internship, some students find that the path they have chosen is not what they expected. It is helpful to find this out during an internship where you can return to Malone, change your major, and follow a new path. The last thing we want you to do is to spend your Malone academic career in a major that is not the best God-given choice for you.

Internships can lead you to places you never thought you could be and to careers that are exciting and challenging. Some students are quite surprised to find a career path during an internship that had never crossed their mind previously.

So, what are some of the internships available to majors in the History, Philosophy, Social Sciences Department?

Our department majors have completed internships at: (among other places)

Where do I access information about internships?