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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


Interested in public life - and want to learn more about government, public policy, human behavior, freedom, justice, power, and community? 

Studying political science at Malone offers a deeper understanding of the nature of political behavior and government structures, how institutions and individuals interact.

Divine Muragijima '08


"At Malone, I grew into my faith. I was challenged to face myself in a very raw sense. "

- Divine Muragijima '08
Liberal Arts, Political Science concentration

Learn about international relations, comparative politics, American government, and political philosophy as you learn how to do research and analyze classic texts within the history of the discipline.

The political science major at Malone University is excellent preparation for a career in law. If you desire to attend law school after graduation, you will receive specialized guidance through the department. There are numerous opportunities for internship and off-campus study programs.

A major in political science consists of the following:

36 hours in the following core courses:

An 18-hour core consisting of: 

Plus 18 hours beyond the core:

Political Science Minor

3 upper-level political science courses

To accomplish the 18 non-core hours, students may take any 6 upper-level political science courses, or take 4 courses and attend an off-campus CCCU program (see Educational Options and Enhancements), or take 2 courses (one of which must be POL 363-Political Theology) and participate in the Bliss Institute Internship program (information available in the Office of the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences). See paragraph description under Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences/Special Program.