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Where Can I Go...with an Integrated Social Studies Degree?

Are you interested in teaching in a secondary school in the field of history, government, or sociology? The integrated social studies degree is perfect for you!

Check out the chart below detailing where some of our more recent Integrated Social Studies majors have landed after graduation.

Graduate Schools or Other Experiences

Employer/Job Title


George Washington University, Masters in International Affairs

Business, English Solutions, LLC/English Instructor

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Stark & Carol Counties/Faculty Advisor

Jackson Local Schools/Secondary Education Instructor

Henry L. Stimson Center/Consultant





Washington, D.C.


Perry High School

Canton, Ohio


Lake Center Christian School

Camp Director

Hartville, Ohio



High School Teacher

North Carolina


High School Teacher



Cornerstone Christian Academy High School

Cardinal Middle School

Willoughby, Ohio

Middlefield, Ohio


 Glen Oak High School

Canton, Ohio


 Garaway High School

Sugarcreek, Ohio


 Hoover High School

North Canton, Ohio