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Author Amanda Flower

Careers & English Studies

The cultural benefits of an English major are well known. The wide reading and writing opportunities an English major engages in provide lifelong pleasures in aestheticism and a deep understanding of the world we live in. But English majors also enjoy a multitude of career opportunities. Many famous people have majored in English and engaged in a variety of careers, including Chevy Chase, actor; Michael Eisner, Walt Disney CEO; Jodie Foster, actress; Sally Ride, astronaut, Steven Spielberg, filmmaker; and Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

  • The flexible course requirements in the English major makes possible a combination with other majors such as social work, ministry, or business.
  • The writing minor can be personalized to emphasize either creative or professional writing and adds an important dimension to nearly any major. The writing and communication skills learned here provide valuable tools employers look for in the hiring process.
  • The English major offers excellent preparation for graduate school, such as law, medical, fine arts, or English.

English as a Pre-Professional Major

  • The Law School Admission Test requires applicants to write a clear, logical, succinct, accurate essay, and other sections that test the candidate's ability to reach sound conclusions from material in a variety of passages, for which an English major or writing minor provides preparation.
  • To read an article on why an English major is the perfect preparation for law school, click on this article: "Rhyme and Reason: Why the Study of Poetry Is the Best Preparation for the Study of Law."
  • The ability to use the English language effectively is the most important ability an applicant can bring to the study of law because a lawyer's principal tools are words.
  • Medical schools often complain that medical students lack communications skills and experience difficulty in writing case histories.
  • The Medical College Admissions Test includes sections consisting of questions on long essays to test what the candidate can rapidly derive from reading unfamiliar material, for which an English curriculum provides preparation.
  • Mechanical engineers rate writing skills as more important to their future job success than any other group of professionals.

English as Preparation for the Business World

  • The ability to communicate in written form, as in business reports, and in oral form, as in making presentations, is crucial for success in business. Industry hires English majors for editing, technical writing, advertising, communications, and other functions requiring grammatical accuracy and literacy skills.
  • Businesses rate highly the ability to speak well in public and the ability to analyze, interpret, reorganize, and rephrase written materials.
  • A basic understanding of human nature, learned in the deep study of literature, is essential in making sound managerial decisions.
  • To read an article on how English prepares for the professional world, click on "English: The Pre-professional Major."

If you are interested in talking with one of the English faculty, please contact the administrative assistant at 330-471-8524 or the department chair at 330-471-8530.

Career Development Center

Malone University's Office of Career Services provides valuable assistance in preparing for a future career. The office has numerous resources, such as texts, materials, and internet sites, for those majoring in the liberal arts--including English. Visit Career Development Center.

Recommended Reading

Books for English Major Careers

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