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Creative Writing, BA

ps writing

Develop your gifts alongside faculty and fellow writers

The Creative Writing Program nurtures and trains artists to pursue a writer's vocation.

Visit the Creative Writing Program's home page to learn more about the writer's life at Malone.

Also, learn more about Creative Writing Fellowships: merit-based, renewable awards of $2,500 and $1,000.



"Explore your world..."

- Holly Nunn
English, BA

The Creative Writing Program

A major in Creative Writing consists of the following:

Foundations Core (12 hours)

Creative Writing Core (14 hours)

Advanced Prose Writing (6 hours)

Professional Practice (4 hours)


A minor in Creative Writing consists of the following:

Creative Writing Core (12 hours)

Professional Practice (2 hours)

Writing Elective (3 hours)

Literature Electives (3-4 hours)

Choose one of the following: