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English (BA)

Love literature?
Welcome home!

Graduate from college having studied the great works - stories, images, and ideas - that have shaped our world and sense of who we are. Increase your capacity to appreciate the beauty and possibilities of language, for thoughtful inquiry, and theological reflection.

English is offered as a major or minor. Read requirements below.

Stephen Calhoun '07


"Professors modeled a Christianity that wasn't about preaching..."

- Stephen Calhoun '07

A major in English consists of the following:

Foundations Core (12 hours)

Writing (3 hours)
Choose one of the following:

Language Study (3 hours)
Choose one of the following:

Crossing Cultural Boundaries (3 hours)
Choose one of the following:

Upper-level Coursework (3 hours)
Choose one of the following:

Practical Experience (1-3 hours)
Choose one of the following:

Electives (12 additional hours)
Choose additional courses from the above menus or from among the following options:

Literature courses:

Language and writing courses:

Minor in English 19 hours

One foundations course chosen from:

At least two literature courses chosen from among:

One writing course chosen from among:

Elective course:

  • One ENG 300- or 400-level elective course