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Learn about us!

Alumni and students share their stories:

stephen calhoun '07

Stephen Calhoun '07

Major: English

Minor: Communications

Current Position: Working from home as a multimedia innovations designer for Teksoft Ventures, a software training company headquarter in Chicago.


"Malone taught me to think. It didn't happen in one particular class or even in a single year, but from the time I was a freshman to when I graduated my perspective on life changed. I learned how to think critically, evaluate situations I was presented with, and approach life with a coherent and stable worldview." - Stephen Calhoun '07

Amanda Flower

Amanda Flower '02

Major: English

Minor: History

Current Position: Head of bibliographic services, Ursuline College, and renowned author of numerous mystery novels.

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Amanda is an Agatha-nominated mystery author who, in sixth grade class, found her calling of making people laugh with her words.


Lea Povozhaev English/TEduc Major Lea Povozhaev '01

Major: English/Language Arts Teacher Education

Current Positions: Writing instructor, author at Orthodox Research Institute, illness narrativist


"Recognize the periods in your life. Follow the question marks. God's will arises from the circumstances of your life." - Lea Povozhaev '01