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Spanish Honor Society

Sigma Delta Mu is an offspring of the National Spanish Honorary, Sigma Delta Pi and it adheres to the same principles:


  • recognizing students interested in the Spanish language and culture,
  • recognizing excellence in the study of the Spanish language,
  • providing a forum for Spanish-related issues.

"Sigma Delta Mu is a national honor society for students of Spanish in the first two years of college. Founded in 1979 with the approval and backing of Sigma Delta Pi, the society offers the advantage of an enriched program in Spanish and provides a way to reward and encourage language leaners in the initial stages of their study. Its goals are to promote excellence in the study of Spanish and the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking people and to foster interest and continuing achievement in Spanish."

-- Publication from the National Honor Society for Hispanic Studies for Universities

The students in the Spanish program and encouraged to strive for academic excellent in their pursuit of the Spanish language. After the completion of a semester of Spanish at Malone University, those students (1) receiving a "B" (3.00) or better on a 4.00 scale, and (2) maintaining a cumulative gpa of "B" (3.00) or better on a 4.00 in all their higher-education studies are invited to become members of this organization. Initiation is normally conducted during the Spring Semesters.

For more information, see the Sigma Delta Mu website.


1. One semester of Spanish at Malone

2. Completed class with a “B” or better on a 4.0 scale

3. Maintain a cumulative of a “B” (3.00) on all higher education studies.


1. $15 for application, pin, and certificate

2. Copy of transcripts sent to Julia Villaseñor, Language and Literature

3. Attend that year's induction ceremony. See Dr. Villaseñor for dates, times, and locations.


1. Membership is life-long and does not require renewal fees

2. Receive a membership pin, certificate, and a Spanish Bible

3. Good for future employment and résumés.