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lang lit hero

Why study Language and Literature at Malone University?

What makes the Language and Literature Department unique? 

Distinctives of our department: 

  •  You'll participate in an interactive classroom – where most courses are taught seminar (discussion) style.
  • Professors encourage reading and writing to become acts of discovery – they won't simply tell you what something means.
  • Malone has a brand new creative writing program that gathers a community of thinkers, writers, creators. Learn with them!
  • Speaking of writers, there's a new Writer's series that allows you to connect with professional writers, graduate students, and professors for readings, workshops, and lectures at least three times per semester.
  • You'll enjoy close relationships with your collaborators in learning – faculty, staff, and students as you connect with others in and out of the classroom.
  • The majors in this department are often successfully combined with other majors or minors – in fact, that is encouraged. For example, you can combine with social work, business, any of the liberal arts majors, or nursing – so that you'll have maximum opportunities for your future career!
  • All Spanish or Spanish Education must study abroad – and other majors are also encouraged to study abroad! Many of our English majors choose to study with the Best Semester Program – either the Oxford Summer Programme or the Scholars' Semester in Oxford – and there are many, many more. Explore the world!
  • Tutor other students in the University's Writing Center @ Malone – and get paid to teach others a thing or two about grammar!
  • You'll have the opportunity to write for Malone's literary publication, Sightlines or the student news source, Aviso AVW – share your talents!
  • Our faculty have a wide variety of expertise and interest – including 19th Century British Literature, women writers, American writing, African-American literature, rhetoric, translation, adolescent literature, poetry, environmental literature, and more.