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Department of Mathematics
and Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Malone University

Go Ahead. Revolutionize Society.

As part of Malone University’s College of Theology, Arts & Sciences, the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science prepares students to enter a profession that’s transforming society—literally on a daily basis. Your math, computer science or information systems skills from Malone will allow you to jump right in.

How Will You Make Your Mark?

We’ll equip you with a sound foundation in the discipline of mathematics. We’ll bring you up-to-speed on the latest technological advancements in the world of computer science and information systems. Either way, as a student at Malone, you’re ready to shine.

With emphasis on real-world experience, professional internships and instruction from leaders in the math and IT professions, Malone produces graduates who have the skill-sets and technological know-how top employers desire.