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Program Distinctives

Distinctives of the Department of Mathematics  & Computer Science.

Why study at Malone?


  • You’ll have opportunity for intense, individualized education with a lot of say in what you want to study.

  • Mathematics is a major at Malone that is easily combined with other majors – especially computer sciences.

  • During your senior year, you’ll take a mathematics seminar course that is designed to give you opportunities to present papers and do research on topics you haven’t studied before.

  • You can be trained as a teacher, but also have a lot of freedom for other careers if you decide teaching is not for you.

  • You can tutor other students, experiencing what it’s like to communicate math. 

  • All courses are taught by professors with their doctoral degrees.

  • You’ll have great opportunities for internships and people who work in your desired industry.

Computer Science

  •  You’ll work in an advanced computer lab, where you’ll have the opportunity to buy components and build a variety of different types of computers.

  • You’ll learn from faculty who have a wealth of experience in their fields – most had other professions before they became professors!

  •  You’ll have opportunities for hands-on experience via work study, internships, and more.

  • You can participate in Malone University's student chapter of the  Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), or in Sigma Zeta, an organization that encourages you to conduct – and present – your own scholarship.