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Ensemble Participation Scholarship


Any prospective student that would like to participate in band or a choir at Malone University is eligible for a $500 annual ensemble participation scholarship. Though participation scholarships do not require an audition, students wishing to receive this award must complete the Ensemble Participation Scholarship Request form linked at the bottom of this section.

Requirements to receive the award and for it to be renewed each year:

        • A minimum of three years participation in high school choir (for vocalists) or band (for instrumentalists), or equivalent music experiences

        • Participation in a Malone University choral ensemble (for vocalists, as assigned by the Director of Choral Activities) or the Pioneer Spirit Marching Band/Symphonic Band (for instrumentalists)


Additional Awards

Additional scholarship funds are available if a student meets any of the following criteria and indicates such on the Ensemble Participation Scholarship Request form.  These awards include:

        • An additional $250 ($750 total) for students that play in-demand instruments (listed below).
        • An additional $250 if the student elects to take private lessons at Malone University on his/her major instrument or voice.

        • An additional $250 for students wishing to participate in Color Guard during marching season.

        • Students that choose to schedule an on-campus audition with the music faculty will be considered for additional scholarship awards up to $5000 per academic year.  See the audition guidelines and registration below.  All students planning to major in music are required to schedule an audition.


In-Demand Instruments

The voice types and instruments listed below are currently in demand and will qualify an incoming student for a $750 participation scholarship without audition.


Voice Types:  Tenor, Bass

 Instruments:  Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba