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Pioneer Guard & Dance Team

Everyone is welcome...Dance & Perform!

marching band guard

Guard and Dance Team is open to anyone with an honest desire to learn and is willing to make the commitment. Being part of our Guard and Dance Team will be fun and rewarding! We do not make cuts, but we do assign roles based on abilities.

Today's color guard and dance team is more than using a flag.  Members use various types of equipment to create a visual presentation including silks, air-blades, and dance routines. Members will receive a .5 credit hour for the fall semester and will perform with the Pioneer Spirit Marching Band at the home football games. 

Dance class will be offered in the spring semester for 3 credit hours with performance opportunities and a dance recital at the end of the semester. 

For more information, contact: 

  • Steven Grimo, D.M.A., Director of Bands, Music Department, 330-471-8219,  ftevzb+znybar+rqh

Performances include all home Pioneer Football Games at Fawcett Stadium and one away marching band festival. Once the season is complete and the band begins to move indoors for the Symphonic Band and Christmas at Malone rehearsals, the Guard and Dance Team will then have the remainder of fall semester rehearsals for the transition to indoor dance programs.

The Pioneer Spirit Band, Guard, and Dance Camp will begin on Sunday, August 16 and run through Wednesday, August 25. This is an important part of training and preparation for our fall season. During these nine days, the staff teaches approximately a month's worth of material to the group. Students come out of the camp with a working knowledge of all of the band music and most of the field show. Aside from rehearsals, this is a great chance for the band members to get to know each other, meet and greet new incoming freshmen, and bond as a group. We include fun activities and team building during band camp in the evenings and have a final get-together (a cookout). We will perform on August 26, the opening morning of New Student Orientation.

During the first semester, there will be a music department ensemble meeting in conjunction with marching band on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-5:30 p.m., along with Saturday mornings on the days of games. These weekly rehearsals will remain available as transition times for the dance class once our home game schedule is completed.

marching band guard