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The Pioneer Spirit Marching Band

The Pioneer Spirit Marching Band is one of the most visible organizations on campus. The band performs for campus events, home football games, selected away games, parades, and in exhibition at high school band shows and competitions.

The Pioneer Spirit Marching Band performs a variety of music from Classical to Jazz, Broadway to Rock and Roll, and popular music. Membership in the marching band is gained through audition. Scholarships are available for music majors and non-music majors.

The fall begins two weeks prior to the start of classes with band camp. Band camp allows the band members to get a head start on the season, to unite as an ensemble, to regain and develop their musical abilities, and to reunite with friends or forge new relationships.

Scholarships are available through audition.

Click here for band camp forms.

Marching Band Crest

For further information, contact Steven Grimo, D.M.A., Director of Bands, at 330-471-8219 or by e-mail at: ftevzb+znybar+rqh.