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Ron Robinson, Jr. - Director, Creative & Editorial, Atlantic Records Digital Media

In his various positions at Atlantic Records Digital Media in New York, N.Y., Ron Robinson Jr. '06 has had the opportunity to work with recording artists such as Jason Castro, Phil Collins, Switchfoot, Skillet, Cee Lo Green, Needtobreathe, Bruno Mars, among others.

Ron Robinson Jr

He produces and engineers music and commercials for Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV, and AOL Music, making it not uncommon for him to notice his handiwork out in the world, for example, he recently produced the Canon Logic song heard in this Shutterfly commercial:

However, getting where he is in life did not all happen at once.

Ron was a Liberal Arts major at Malone with Commercial Music, Business Administration, and Art concentrations. As the Commercial Music program’s “core recording system was a Roland 880 Digital 8 track recorder,” and Pro Tools sat in a box next to the computer it had not yet been installed in, he had to take the initiative in getting experience with professional equipment.

Beginning in 2003 while attending Malone University, Ron began shadowing the engineers of local studios as well as recording his friends’ bands with miscellaneous equipment at whatever location on campus they could find.

Empty office space in Founder’s Hall and the basement in Cattell Library usually sufficed for his earliest recording work. After graduating in 2006, he attended The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio, a music, audio, and sound production school, before relocating to San Francisco, California, to work at The Plant Recording Studios. After getting married in 2007, he and his wife moved to New York City, where Ron soon found his current job at Atlantic Records.

Ron’s rise in the recording world was founded on the willingness to seek out valuable experience, and the right attitude to put that experience in perspective. He has learned that simply “doing” is the best way to get acculturated with the music production world—“making the most of college classes and getting plugged into the music scene in the community, hanging out in recording studios and live venues and putting your education into practice by working with local artists.”

Current Music Production majors have the advantage of being able to use the new professional-quality recording studio in the Johnson Center, an attestation of increased opportunities and the exciting future ahead for Malone students. Ron exhorts current students to “become good a good listener, stay humble, remain patient, and never for a moment think that you are done learning.”

Ron Robinson JrWith the added convenience of the school-run studio, combined with Ron’s example of excellence, we can expect great things to continue to come out of the Music Production program.


(Pictured right: Ron with his wife, actress Jenni Barber, in London)