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Music Scholarship & Audition Information

Audition Information for Prospective Music Majors and Prospective Students Seeking Larger Scholarship Awards in Music


All prospective students desiring to major in music are required to audition for the music faculty according to the guidelines below.  Additionally, any student, regardless of intended major, may audition for scholarship consideration for awards up to $5,000.


Audition Dates

The Department of Music offers auditions on the dates listed below.  However, if these dates do not suit your schedule, you may request a different date on the audition registration form.  Auditioning as early as possible is strongly encouraged.

2017 Audition Dates:

Saturday, January 21

Monday, February 20  (Music Discover Day)

Friday, March 31

Friday, April 21


 Register for an Audition


Scholarship Details

Auditioned scholarships will be renewed annually provided the student continues participation in a major ensemble (Chorale or Symphonic Band), takes applied lessons, remains a full-time student in good standing at Malone University, and shows progress on the auditioned instrument based on juries and teacher recommendations.

Half of each award will be credited to the student's account each semester.

If you have auditioned for one of the music majors or for scholarship consideration, you may have to audition again for ensemble participation and placement.


Additional Information for Music Majors

Auditions for all majoring in a Music Program (Music Education major or General Music, Music Production, and Music Ministry concentrations) should be completed prior to May 1 of the entering year. Those with a concentration in Music Production must also submit a one- to two-page statement outlining their experience in music production. A recording of work done is also recommended.

All Music Education or Music (General Music, Music Ministry and Music Production concentrations) majors are required to take the Theory Placement Exam and the Keyboard Placement Exam before beginning classes. These exams can be scheduled the same day as your audition.

If you have auditioned for scholarship consideration, a second audition will not be necessary for the music majors. An additional audition may be necessary for placement or ensemble participation. 


What to Expect at Your Audition

Location: Auditions will take place in the Johnson Center for Worship and the Fine Arts.

The Audition: Each scholarship applicant will have an interview/audition with the music faculty, lasting approximately fifteen minutes. The Theory Placement Exam and the Keyboard Placement Exam (for potential music majors only) can be administered at this time to determine placement for theory and keyboard classes.

Accompanist:   If your audition requires accompaniment, you may bring your own accompanist. If this is not possible, notify the music office when you schedule your audition and an accompanist will be provided. Music for the staff accompanist must be received one week prior to the audition day to Mary Haines at zunvarf+znybar+rqh or fax to 330-471-8477.


Audition Repertoire

The following is a list of repertoire that is considered appropriate for a college audition. Sight-reading will be included. Call the Fine Arts office at 330-471-8231 if you're unsure if your selection is appropriate.


A composition from the Baroque Era (Bach, Scarlatti, etc.)

One movement from a Classical Sonata or Sonatina (Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Clementi, Kuhlau)

A composition from the Romantic Era (Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Schubert, Chopin) or a 20th Century composition (Debussy, Kabalevsky, Bartok, Gershwin, etc.)

At least one of the above should be memorized

Major and minor scales and chords


A piano audition is required - follow the above guidelines for the piano audition

An organ selection may be performed


Perform a classical art song in a foreign language

Perform a 20th Century English art song or musical theater selection

All music is to be memorized

Winds and Brass

A solo selected from the OMEA contest list or the equivalent

One etude or technical study

Major scales, chromatic scales and arpeggios


A solo on at least one of the following:

snare drum

Sight reading on snare drum and mallets


A solo from the Classical Literature

A solo of your choice

Major and Minor scales and arpeggios


Register for an Audition


If you have any further questions, please call the Fine Arts Office at 330-471-8231 or email zunvarf+znybar+rqh  and we will be happy to assist you.

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