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Music, BA

Opera Theatre - FigaroLove music?

If music is an essential part of your life and you couldn’t imagine doing anything else, pursue your passion through Malone University’s renowned music program.

You’ll have the opportunity to compose and perform music in brand new, state-of-the-art facilities with professors who are nationally recognized. As a music major, you’ll choose among a piano, voice, or instrumental concentration. You'll also be encouraged to get involved in one of Malone's many performance groups.

Jesse Ayers


"My music explores...the redemptive intervention of a very real God in the affairs of the human race."

- Jesse Ayers
Professor of Music

Students may pursue a music major, a music major with an emphasis in music ministry, or a music major with an emphasis in music production.

Keyboard and Theory Placement Tests are required for all music majors prior to beginning the first semester of classes.

In addition to the University requirements listed, acceptance into the Music major requires passing the piano proficiency, being approved for applied study at the 300 level, and passing the sophomore review.

A major in Music consists of the following:

Musicianship Core (35 hours):

*If the student does not pass the entire piano proficiency examination at the conclusion of MUS 253, applied piano must be taken each semester until the exam is passed.

12 hours of applied and ensemble credit as follows:

  • Two (2) hours of primary applied music at the 100 level
  • Two (2) hours of primary applied music at the 200 level
  • Two (2) hours of primary applied music at the 300 level
  • Two (2) hours of secondary applied music at the 100 level or above
  • Four (4) hours of approved ensemble credit

Additional courses for the Music major include:

Other Requirements:

1)   Piano Proficiency completed before acceptance into the major, regardless of instruments in Worship Leading Proficiency

2)   Recital attendance each semester of enrollment

3)   Musicale attendance