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Music, BA

Opera Theatre - FigaroLove music?

If music is an essential part of your life and you couldn’t imagine doing anything else, pursue your passion through Malone University’s renowned music program.

You’ll have the opportunity to compose and perform music in brand new, state-of-the-art facilities with professors who are nationally recognized. As a music major, you’ll choose among a piano, voice, or instrumental concentration. You'll also be encouraged to get involved in one of Malone's many performance groups.

Jesse Ayers


"My music explores...the redemptive intervention of a very real God in the affairs of the human race."

- Jesse Ayers
Professor of Music

A major in Music consists of the following:

  • Four hours of supporting applied music at the 100 level or above
  • Four hours of approved ensemble credit (minimum). Ensemble participation is required each semester of enrollment.
  • Three hours of music electives
  • Recital attendance each semester of enrollment
  • Half recital, second-semester, Junior year
  • Full recital, second-semester, Senior year
30-31 hours of core courses in the following:

And one of the following major options:

For piano majors:

For voice majors:

For instrumental majors:

18 hours of applied music:

At the following levels with concurrent enrollment in 250 at all levels and a minimum of 2 semesters at each level

  • 2 hours at the 100 level and
  • 4 hours at the 200 level and
  • 6 hours at the 300 level and
  • 6 hours at the 400 level

A minor in music consists of a minimum of 18 hours.

Requirements include:

And one music history course chosen from among: