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Music Major,
Music Production Emphasis, BA

production The business side of music...

The music production major teaches you the business end and technical side of music – you’ll learn to deal with recordings, manage projects, compose music, and complete a finished product.

Music production is a liberal arts program that is classroom and project-driven from composition to finished product execution. This blending of technology and art in an entrepreneurial context will create for you an audio portfolio that will prepare you well for the music business industry. Malone is part of an exciting program with the CCCU that allows our students to study in Nashville at the Contemporary Music Center while earning credit, where you both learn the business  - and do it! 

"Malone is becoming a hub for great musicians - you've certainly sent us some of the best talent in the last couple of years. Congratulations on your good work there and I'm thrilled that you and I can team up like this to take young talent and move it along. Keep up the good work and rock on Malone!"

Warren Pettit, Director
The Contemporary Music Center

Jesse image


"My music explores...the redemptive intervention of a very real God in the affairs of the human race."

- Jesse Ayers Professor of Music

The Music Production program was started in  the early 1990's as Commercial Music Technology. With a new four-room digital recording studio, a 56-channel Sony console and digital support, the program teaches composition and production, engineering, music business and performance. Students and alumni of the program have worked and performed in the music industry as session players and performers, engineers and in business, and include personnel with National Public Radio, Sanctus Real and Relient K.

The following requirements are for the music major with an emphasis in music ministry.

Keyboard and Theory Placement Tests are required for all music majors prior to beginning the first semester of classes.

In addition to the University requirements listed, acceptance into the Music major requires passing the piano proficiency, being approved for applied study at the 300 level, and passing the sophomore review.

A major in Music consists of the following:

Musicianship Core (35 hours):

*If the student does not pass the entire piano proficiency examination at the conclusion of MUS 253, applied piano must be taken each semester until the exam is passed.

12 hours of applied and ensemble credit as follows:

  • Two (2) hours of primary applied music at the 100 level
  • Two (2) hours of primary applied music at the 200 level
  • Two (2) hours of primary applied music at the 300 level
  • Two (2) hours of secondary applied music at the 100 level or above
  • Four (4) hours of approved ensemble credit

These are the additional courses needed for the Music Production emphasis:

Other Requirements:

1) Piano Proficiency completed before acceptance into the major

2)  Recital attendance each semester of enrollment

3)  Musicale attendance