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General Biology Track - Biology Major

general biology
Prepare for a world of possibilities! 

Work in the lab - study the outdoors, conduct research - find your specific interest through a variety of courses!

Another possible option with this track is to minor in Community Health Education with a focus in Epidemiology with particular courses, and you'll be prepared to pursue an MS in epidemiology.

Dustin Grimm


"My own heart transplant came during a physics class in Timken Science Hall."

- Dustin Grimm' 08
Forensic Chemist, American Institute of Toxicology

A major in General Biology consists of the following:
Supporting core courses include:

Supporting core courses:


The General Biology Track courses include the above Biology core courses, supporting core courses, and the following courses:

Two Biology electives at the 300/400 level, one of which must be a laboratory course