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Pre-Professional Track - Biology Major

Prepare for medical or professional school, with a focus on biology.

Preparing for a medical career? 

This is the biology-focused track you can choose to help you get into dental, medical, optometry, or veterinary school. All biology majors study a core of courses in biology, botany, zoology, genetics, and chemistry.

Dustin Grimm


"I really never have a boring day at work..."

- Dustin Grimm' 08
Forensic Chemist, American Institute of Toxicology

The Pre-Professional Track courses include the Biology core courses, supporting core courses, and the following courses:

Graduate and Professional Schools
Students preparing for graduate and professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, etc.) are encouraged to seek the guidance of an adviser on the importance and relevance of including the following courses in their schedules:

Required Biology course core: