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Program Distinctives

What makes studying the natural sciences at Malone University unique? 

Here are distinctives of our department:

  • If you're interested in environmental studies, Malone participates in an extension program through AuSable Institute, which has locations in the Great Lakes Forest in Michigan, the Pacific Rim on Puget Sound, Washington; Tamil Nadu, South India; and a month-long course in May entitled "Tropical Agriculture and Missions" in Costa Rica.

  • Learn from faculty who are nationally known, and who have taught in medical schools and hospitals. They will prepare you well for everything you need to know in this competitive field!

  • You'll be encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities – for example, participating in theatre or on the speech and debate team helps you become more comfortable in settings such as a courtroom for the forensic scientist, giving presentations at a zoo or other park for the zoo and wildlife biologist, or a conference or review board as a physician.

  • Our students have received internships throughout the world – from Canton to Australia, from Cleveland to San Diego. If you're interested, we'll do our best to help get you where you want to go.

  • Our graduates have a great track record for getting accepted into medical and other pre-professional schools. In fact, our alumni have been ranked as "best physician" among their peers in medical schools.

  •  The exercise science facilities use the latest technology, including a recent acquisition of a "BOD POD" – the gold standard in the field.

  • All programs emphasize and are deeply committed to the integration of the Christian faith into the classroom and also to stewardship obligations to care for all of God's creation.