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How does Malone relate Christianity & Psychology?

Malone's catalog description of the psychology major begins with the following statement:

Dedication to scholarly integrity and commitment to a Christian world view are the twin foundations upon which the psychology department of Malone University is built. The psychology department aims to instruct students in the methodologies and findings of the diverse areas covered by the field of psychology. It also encourages students to integrate faith and learning throughout their education.

It is our belief that God has revealed many things about human nature in Scripture and that God created human beings with the ability to reflect on and investigate the world God has made - including ourselves as creatures. Our understanding is always incomplete because we are finite and fallen creatures. Nonetheless, we have the ability to seek truth using many tools (Scripture, philosophy, science, etc.).


Believing that “all truth is God's truth,” we are convinced that there can never be a fundamental contradiction between psychological truth and divinely revealed truth. (Of course, we would expect some level of contradiction between our imperfect theories about these truths.) We encourage our students to recognize that there are diverse ways of pursuing knowledge, with an eye toward both that which is divinely revealed and that which is discovered through empirical or rational inquiry. This allows us to explore the methods and findings of psychology while also encouraging mature Christian reflection about the nature and functioning of human beings. Our aim, then, is to provide a broad-based education in the various subfields of psychology, to develop critical thinking skills, and to encourage students to use all of their God-given talents and abilities in ways that bring honor to Jesus Christ.