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How do I know if Psychology is the major for me?

Psychology is the second most common major for college students in the United States (following business). Its popularity, though, is only an indication that many people find psychology fascinating. Many college students change their majors during their college experience as they gain exposure to different subjects, and your experiences may help you decide if psychology is a major that you want to pursue. A psychology major may be a good fit for you if:

•You plan to pursue a profession in one of psychology's sub-fields (recognizing that you will need to go to graduate school).

•You plan to pursue graduate studies in a field that would make good use of the skills and knowledge base acquired with a psychology major.

•You plan to pursue a human service profession that would allow you to utilize a psychology degree without requiring further graduate study.

•You plan to enter the job market with a liberal arts degree that signals to prospective employers that you are interested in people and/or quantitative research.

•You are fascinated with the subject matter of psychology.

If you are interested in psychology but do not plan on majoring in it, you might want to consider a minor in psychology to augment your major field of study.