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Meet Our Alumni

JacobsonAmanda Jacobson ’13, M.Ed in School Psychology (Summa Cum Laude, Kent State University, ’16) is currently pursuing her Education Specialist (Ed.S) degree in School Psychology. She was elected as the Graduate Student Representative of SASP (Student Affiliates in School Psychology, APA Division 16).

She says, “Malone’s Psychology program best prepared me for graduate school by having dedicated and passionate faculty members willing to take the time to make me the best I can be in the field of psychology. My Malone practicum experience at Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health also helped me to discover and hone in on the population that I was most passionate about and wanted to serve post-graduation.”

emilyEmily Jackson '14, is a Psy.D. student and a Psychology Department graduate assistant at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She earned second place in the 2013 Christian Association for its Psychological Studies Student Paper Competition. Her long-term goals include "providing a variety of clinical services to clients in mental health-related facilities as well as becoming a professor."

She says, " Malone's psychology program best prepared me for grad school and life after Malone through the one-on-one mentoring I received from faculty… . The ways in which professors explicitly connected psychological material with the Christian faith and the exceptional manner in which they modeled faith-learning-living integration deeply influenced my worldview, inspired me, and sparked a flame that I hope to carry with me throughout the rest of my education and career."


Emily FarlsEmily Farls '07, M.S. in School Psychology (Eastern University, '11) is a School Psychologist at an elementary school in Thornton, CO. She says, “Malone was a great place for me to develop my faith, pursue my passions, and prepare myself for the academic challenges of grad school. The practicum experience that I had with a School Psychologist while at Malone solidified my decision to pursue School Psychology, and I am forever grateful for that experience.”



Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts '10, M.A. in Social Psychology (2013) and Ph.D. student in Social Psychology (minor in Quantitative Psychology) at Ohio State University.

He says:

"I am interested in topics of self-regulation and self-control. Related to these core interests, some of my work investigates how people respond to stressful experiences such as being rejected or provoked by others. In other work, I study basic decision-making processes associated with altruistic behaviors.

The psychology department at Malone University gave me the education and experiences that I needed to be successful in my grad school applications. In particular, the willingness of the Malone faculty to engage in one-on-one training provided the sort of background that I've found many grad school advisers find highly desirable in applicants."


chris Christine Szostak '00, Ph.D., studied three disciplines at Malone: Psychology, Elementary Education, and Special Education.

In that time, she says, the thing she most heavily gained was a strengthening of her faith.

"Because I had some very close friends and mentoring faculty that served as role models in the way they walked in their faith," she says. "I learned a great deal about what it means to be a Christian."

Her commitment to scholarship found a safe haven in the academic community at Malone, specifically in the challenging coursework and emphasis of Christian values.

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isaac weaver Isaac Weaver '10, a Psy.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College says:

"Malone 'planted the seed' for all of what I have been able to accomplish in graduate school. My work as a clinical psychologist is dedicated to empowering First Nations people, in the face of historical and present adversity, in full recognition of cultural strengths too often unrecognized."



Emily Emily Hickerson '13 -  “I moved back to my hometown (Pennsville, Ohio) after graduation and started working for Employment First, which is a service of the Morgan County Board of Developmental Disabilities in McConnelsville. I was temporarily hired as a job coach to provide on the job support for teenagers with disabilities during a summer youth work program in 2013. Since summer, I've been blessed with a carved full-time position where I continue to coach young adults with disabilities at various work locations, as well as substitute at the adult day habilitation program for adults with disabilities and assist individuals towards individual goals such as getting a driving permit. I also teach one-on-one Job Skill Success classes throughout the week.”

"It was a leap of faith to switch my major to Psychology pretty late into my sophomore year at Malone but there is no way I would be able to do the job I have now without the knowledge of human development, brain function, human behavior, abnormalities and disorders that I learned through Malone's Psychology program. God has blessed me with so many opportunities through Malone to amplify my passion of helping people with disabilities achieve their potential not just in a classroom setting but also in practicum experience and through a service-learning trip.“


Sean GorbySean Gorby '12, M.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Ohio University (2014), Sue Apple Scholarship award recipient. Ph.D. student in Counseling Educator at Ohio State University. At Ohio University, Sean has served as a counselor in the institution's Counseling and Psychological Service Center. He states, "Malone prepared me by challenging me to think critically about myself, my beliefs, my perspective, and my worldview in hopes to better understand how I interact with those around me and the world in which I live."


Amanda RearickAmanda Rearick '13 worked as a case manager at the Christian Children's Home of Ohio in Wooster; also as ITS Specialist II co-facilitating groups for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness at Community Support Services, Inc. in Akron, Ohio. She's a student in the Master's program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Akron. She says, "The Psychology program at Malone prepared me by providing me with a strong educational base and the opportunity to become more self-aware, which has allowed me to excel in my Master's program and feel prepared to counsel individuals with mental illnesses."