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Practicum Opportunities

"What is God, through the Spirit, calling me to do for Christ's Kingdom?"

A Psychology or Research Practicum can help you to discern your calling.

Our students have engaged in the following kinds of practicum experiences...

  • Agencies that provide support services for individuals with various illnesses

  • Alcohol and substance abuse programs

  • Child and adolescent treatment programs

  • Inpatient psychiatric programs

  • Residential care programs

  • School and workshop-based MRDD programs

  • Social service / child protective service programs

  • Shelters and half-way houses

Our students have co-authored refereed research articles and/or book chapters with faculty:

  • Seifert, L.S., & Naramore, J. (in press). Judging activity success: Is it all about whether participants are interacting? Activities Directors' Quarterly for Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia Patients.

  • de Oliveira, E. A., Ables, J. N., & Dingler, M. L. (2012). Capítulo 16: Empatia parental [Chapter16: Parental empathy]. In C. A. Piccinini and P. Alvarenga (Eds.), Maternidade e paternidade: A parentalidade em diferentes contextos [Maternity and paternity: Parenting in diverse contexts] (pp. 391-408). São Paulo, Brazil: Casa do Psicólogo.

  • de Oliveira, E. A., & Braun, J. L. (2009). “Jesus didn’t need a shrink”: A critique of anti-psychological biblical sufficiency. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 28, 13-21.

  • de Oliveira, E. A., Braun, J. L., Carlson, T. L., & de Oliveira, S. G. (2009). Students’ attitudes toward foreign-born and domestic instructors. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 2, 113-125.

  • de Oliveira, E. A., Marin, A. H., Long, J., & Solinger, S. (2007). Observando a díade pai/mãe criança em situação co-construtiva [Observing the father/mother-child dyad in a co-constructive situation]. In C. A. Piccinini and M. L. S. de Moura (Eds.), Observando as interações pais-bebê/criança [Observing the parents-baby/child interaction] (pp. 213-236). São Paulo, SP, Brazil: Casa do Psicólogo.

Students have also presented empirical research reports under faculty supervision:

David Entwistle and Emily JacksonAward winner Emily Jackson and Dr. David Entwistle, 2014 CAPS Conference.








Psychology Students with David Myers

2014 OUPRC student presenters with author and keynote speaker David Myers.