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Psychology, BA


Psychologists explore the complexity of the brain, mental processes, and behavior. 

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others? The psychology major provides an excellent foundation for graduate study, a liberal arts degree that opens doors to many different careers, and an educational experience that promotes intellectual, personal, and interpersonal growth.

Amanda Jacobson '13


"The Psychology Program best prepared me for graduate school by having dedicated and passionate faculty members."

- Amanda Jacobson '13
Learn about other graduates like Amanda!

A major in psychology consists of 41 hours of psychology beyond PSYC 121.

The 41 hours must include:

At least 12 hours of electives chosen from 300- or 400- level psychology courses are required. These can include any of the above courses not completed as a requirement, or any combination of the following:

A minor in psychology requires 18 hours of coursework. 

The 18 hours include:

The remaining 9 hours may be selected from any other psychology offerings with the exception of PSYC 230, 430, and 480.

Selection of psychology as a liberal arts cognate requires the following requirements, as well as at least 12 hours of upper-level coursework. Talk to your adviser regarding policies governing the liberal arts major.

The initial 12 hours are: