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Graduation Planning Checklist

Please check‐off the completed items and complete the remaining items prior to graduation for traditional undergraduates:


  • Maintain the minimum major grade point average required in each selected major. Should you receive grades that drop the major gpa below the established minimum, check with each department to see impact, as it varies by each major.
  • The Undergraduate Application for Degree form has been completed and returned to the Registrar’s Office according to the dates in the summary sections below or as posted in the University Catalog.
  • All departmental requirements have been met. Some examples include, but are not limited to: Senior Exams, Recitals, Education Credentials, Application for External Licensure, National Testing, etc. (See your academic adviser to make sure your departmental requirements are in order.)
  • All courses taken at another institution are completed prior to your scheduled graduation and a final transcript has been sent directly to the Malone University Registrar’s Office. (This transcript can only be requested by the student and should be in the Registrar’s Office one month prior to graduation.)
  • No “I” or “L” grades remain uncompleted. All courses, including electives, must be complete and graded prior to the final day of the semester in which you graduate.
  • A minimum of 124 semester hours have been completed. Every General Education requirement and Major requirement listed in the university catalog has been completed. A 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average or higher has been maintained on all Malone University courses. (If you are a transfer student, 30 graded hours must be completed at Malone University with a minimum of 12 of these hours at the 300/400 level in an approved Malone major.)
  • A minimum of 39 hours at the 300/400 level have been completed as part of the 124 hours above.
  • Check on eligibility for Graduation Honors. Graduation Honors are based on all post-secondary work attempted. For transfer/transient students, this means your honors calculation will include all collegiate courses taken, including your transfer work regardless of whether it was actually accepted at the university. Additionally, you must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of graded work at Malone to be eligible for honors. Since honors for the Malone student represent 4 or more years of collegiate coursework, criteria is used in reaffirming this requirement for the transfer/transient student.
  • All financial accounts have been cleared through the University Business Office. Additionally, all fines and/or fees have been cared for prior to graduation. (Examples: Graduation Fee, missing library books, parking fines, room keys, etc.)
  • Information has been reviewed regarding participation in Senior Chapel, Baccalaureate, and the Commencement ceremony based on your anticipated graduation. August graduates must be able to submit their executable plans to the Office of the Registrar, outlining how all requirements can be met, through the summer school course offerings.