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Course Registration Form

These are the steps you need to take after reviewing your advising week information:


1. Enter proposed schedule into registration form and take to adviser during advising week.

2. Ask adviser to grant permission for you to register online. We recommend having your adviser sign your form as well.

3. Registration reminder: Class standing is assigned at the beginning of each academic semester and is based on the number of credit hours completed before Fall 2013 . Classification is calculated by the following hours:

  • Freshman: less than 30 hours
  • Sophomore: 30-59 hours
  • Junior: 60-89 hours
  • Senior: 90 or more hours

4. Registration access available:

Classification Registration Begins Time Begins
Seniors Thursday, Oct. 31    7 a.m.
Juniors Friday, Nov. 1 7 a.m.
Official Roster NCAA Soph/Freshman Athletes       Monday, Nov. 4 7 a.m.
Sophomores Tuesday, Nov.5 7 a.m.
Freshman Wednesday, Nov. 6   7 a.m.
Degree Completion, All Other Current Students     Wednesday, Nov. 6   9 a.m.
Spring Re-Admits Monday, Nov. 11 9 a.m.


5. For Spring 2014, you may register via web until Jan. 7th or in the registrar's office during business hours.

6. Review your schedule on MaloneXpress.

7. Official invoices will be issued in December. If you're on the payment plan, the first payment is due by Jan. 3. Payment via CASHnet is available during winter break.