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Transfer Student Registration Information

Common questions about how to register for classes:

Advising week is March 14 - 21. Fall Registration begins March 22 - 27 (based on current classification):


How can I find out when registration for next semester occurs?

    •  Fall registration begins March 22, according to your classification of:
      Senior-  90+ hours
      Junior- 60+ hours
      Sophomore- 30+ hours
      Freshman- 30 hours or less
      You will contact your adviser to set up an appointment during advising week to review and approve your schedule for Fall.
      Detailed information about registration, including dates and times, can always be found on the at www.malone.edu/registrar.

Do I have to see an adviser before I register?

  • Yes. Your adviser must review your course selections and clear you on MaloneXpress before you can register.

How do I find out who my adviser is?

  • Login to MaloneXpress and find academic advising under the student tab.

  • You will see your adviser's name listed under Academic Information.

 How do I make an appointment with my adviser?

      • Check with the administrative assistant in your area of study.

How do I know which courses transferred to Malone?

      • Check out your "Degree Audit" on MaloneXpress. Log in and click on "Student Tab" and then click on "Academic Advising." Under the "Degree Audit Portlet," click "View All Details." Finally, click on "Degree Audit Custom Report." This report will show you the courses required for graduation. On the right side of the "Degree Audit," the "Status" column will show courses met by transfer work indicated by the mark "MT" (Met by Transfer). If a requirement is not met, there will be an "R" listed on left column. If you have any questions, contact the Registrar's Office by email at officeoftheregistrar@malone.edu or call 330-471-8128.

Where can I find the course schedule?

Where do I find information detailing how to register?

      • Login to MaloneXpress and find student files under the "Student" tab. 
        Registration Guide
        Registration Form
        Registration Schedule