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summer courses

Why Take Summer Classes at Malone U?

Thinking about taking summer classes at Malone U? You can take them online or right on campus at our convenient location in Canton, Ohio (Stark County).

How do summer classes benefit you? 

  • Earning those credits now will help you graduate sooner! 

  • Classes are offered at a reduced rate, and financial aid is available. (Chat with our awesome staff for personalized advice on your best options!) 

  • Shorter, more intensive classes

  • Improve your GPA

  • Home for the summer?*  Wherever you attend college, you can attend summer classes at Malone that can transfer to your home institution. Fulfill general ed requirements, take a Bible/Ministry class - or another course not offered at your school. 

  • Planning to attend Malone soon? Start early. If you're graduating from high school in the spring or are ready to transfer from a community college, get a head start! Summer classes can help make your transition easier!

  • Are you ready to finish your bachelor's or earn a master's? If you've been out of college for a while, summer classes will help you get back into the swing of academic life.

  • If you're a senior citizen or simply a lifelong learner, a summer course is a great way to learn something new or explore an interest.

  • With fewer students taking classes, take advantage of extra attention and no long lines at the bookstore!


*If you attend college somewhere else, but want to take summer classes at Malone, fill out this 'non-degree seeking' application!